Be Ready When Your Home Has A Leak

February 11, 2016
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You know the normal sounds your home makes.

The air conditioner kicking on as the hot days of summer begin. The heating system starting up on a frigid, winter evening. The creaking sound of  loose floorboards as someone rises early in the morning.

What you don’t normally hear and you do not want to hear are the sounds of spraying water from a broken pipe or hose, or a malfunctioning hot water tank or water filter system. Even worse is when this happens when you aren’t home and upon arrival you trudge through inches of water on the floor, or duck from the dripping water from an upstairs leak.

When damage from water occurs you need to act quickly. The #1 concern is to think “safety first.” Before entering into any areas of the home that are damage from flood waters, be sure that the power is turned off. Nothing is worth getting an electrical shock!

Next, find the water turn-off valve and stop the flooding. Many homeowners aren’t sure where their water valve is located. Now is the time to figure that out, and even put a tag on it so it is easy to find, especially in the dark or in the beam of a flashlight. Don’t delay… find that valve and mark it!

It’s always best to be prepared. Contact Resto Clean Pro at 208-899-4442 and get the info you need to be safe… just in case.

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