Sump Pump Installation

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Resto Clean is a licensed drainage contractor who specializes in drainage management. Resto Clean guarantees their work and follows all city and state laws in regard to waste water management.

Who Needs a Sump Pump?

A sump pump installation is not a small job to be taken lightly. If a contractor is claiming they can dig a hole in your crawlspace, but in a 5 gallon bucket with a sump pump and hook up a extension cord for power, you need to find a different contractor.

Sump pump systems are installed into crawlspaces or basements that are struggling with water issues. There are some key questions that should be answered before moving forward with a sump pump installation.

Key Questions to Ask

  • Where is the water coming from?
  • How big of an area is be flooded with water?
  • Where is the water going to be pumped too?
  • Will the drainage of the sump pump create a new problem?
  • Is my contractor qualified for this type of work?
  • Is my contractor certified for this type of work?
  • Has my contractor pulled the necessary permits in order to install this system?

All these questions should be answered before you even look at a bid from a drainage contractor.

Foundation Cracks or Water Table?

If the water in your crawlspace/basement is coming from storm water, than you probably have a leaky foundation. A qualified contractor will be able to determine exactly were the water is coming from. This is the number one question to be answered when deciding what system needs to be installed. if water is coming in from the outside surface, then proper gutter drainage, proper grading, foundation waterproofing, and exterior french drains should be examined. If the water is coming from a fluctuating water table, then a sump pump is most likely the solution.

Stop the Water From Getting to the Surface

A correct sump pump installation should leach ground water into drainage pipes before the water reaches the surface. If water still reaches the surface and then is drained into an open pit, humidity and moisture problems are not being solved. Resto Clean installs a sump pump system that is capable of handling raw sewage (hopefully you don’t have that in your ground water..). No water will reach the surface, and the enclosed sump pump will remove the water from your crawlspace/basement before the water even reaches the surface.

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