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Is Water in My Crawlspace Bad?

The short answer is yes. Water in the crawlspace can lead to several major problems that could cause structural damage, affect household air quality and health, and prevent a future sale of your home. What may appear to be small problem can become a very large and expensive problem unless a professional solution is found.

Small Amount of Water, Big Problem

Prolonged water exposure can ruin insulation, duct work, and structural damage. Even small amounts of standing water can lead to large problems. Condensation build up will occur throughout the base of the crawlspace, leading to possible mold growth and eventually structural damage. Finding the source of the water intrusion should be left to the professionals at Resto Clean. Certified estimators will determine the source of the standing water, condensation, or mold, and evaluate what needs to be done in order to fix the problem and to prevent further damage. Mold is a common outcome of elevated moisture levels in a crawlspace. Mold can adversely affect the health of your family. One way the mold spores could be entering your living space is through the ductwork that runs under your home. Up to %50 of air being circulated through your duct work can be drawn up from the air in your crawlspace.ar123250660635161_1_

I Don’t Have Standing Water, But Still Have Condensation

Improper installation of your vapor barrier could contribute to this problem. Exposed dirt within your crawlspace could be causing higher humidity levels that allow the growth of mold. Proper installation can be easily done by a professional contractor like Resto Clean. Resto Clean can also install a dehumidifier to combat mold growth from high humidity. Better crawl space ventilation can also be installed.

I Have Standing Water

This could be caused by several things including sprinklers, recent flood, heavy rains, leaky seals from a nearby canal, or most commonly, a high water table. Resto Clean has restored hundreds of homes after a major flood has intruded on the crawlspace. If the water is rising up form the water, which is common near the Boise River, especially in Eagle, then a sump pump drainage system can be installed if necessary. A drainage system will be buried under your home in order to prevent the water from reaching the surface of the crawlspace. The water is then pumped out using a sump pump and drained into a french drain outside and away from the foundation. This is a specialized system that should only be installed by an experienced professional like Resto Clean. Resto Clean has years of specialized experience with floods, water intrusions, mold, and drainage systems. bsi041_figure_02

What Should I Do First?

Call your insurance agent if you find standing water in your crawlspace and see what you have covered. Then immediately call a professional to come and remove the water in order to prevent even further damage. After that, access what is practical and affordable for your situation.

Why Resto Clean?

Resto Clean is a licensed professional with years of water intrusion experience. Resto Clean is certified in storm water management and sediment and erosion control. Resto Clean also holds a permit with the city for each job, and has each job inspected by a city inspector. Resto Clean also guarantees our work and guarantees 100% customer satisfaction.  Check out our ratings and reviews on Home Advisor!



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