French Drain Installation and Management

Licensed To Solve Your Drainage Problem

install-french-drain-pipeResto Clean is a licensed drainage contractor who specializes in drainage management. Resto Clean guarantees their work and follows all city and state laws in regard to waste water management.

Water Management

French drains are a great way to manage heavy water flows from storms, irrigation, or landscape sprinklers. French drains need to be carefully designed in order to work efficiently over long periods of time. French drains are very crucial in providing adequate drainage around foundation walls and storm drain downspouts.  French drains are also used to dispose the water being pumped out of crawlspaces and basements by sump pumps systems.

Common Reasons French Drains Fail

  • Gravel wasn’t used to surround the piping (leach field)
  • Improper grading
  • Installed too far away from foundation
  • Clogged by sediment – no sediment barrier installed
  • Destroyed by plant roots

Correct French Drain Installation

A properly installed french drain will have the following attributes if installed by a qualified contractor.

  • Large trench lined with sediment barrier. This protects the drain holes from being clogged when dirty water is flowing into the drain.
  • Large gravel bed surrounding the piping. This provides a leach field for water to enter the drain. The larger the leach field the better. This also protects the drain from being crushed as soil freezes and thaws.
  • Proper grading. A successfully installed drain will direct water away (down) to a desired drain field.
  • A drain field that doesn’t infract your cities Sediment and Erosion Laws. A permit is required when legally installing most french drains in Boise.
  • A french drain installed near a foundation will be set on a bed of gravel that will rest halfway up the footer of the foundation (Resto Clean waterproofs the foundation first)



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