Home Disenfection

It is very difficult to get rid of ALL the germs and viruses in your home, almost impossible with traditional cleaning methods. It takes fewer than 100 Norovirus germs to make you come down with the stomach flu. They could potentially live anywhere in your home for over two weeks on any surface. Resto Clean specializes in what we call a Home Detox. Resto Clean can get rid of 99.99% of germs in your home or business. Using a dry fog method, an EPA product can be fogged into the entire home, effectively killing all germs and viruses present. This EPA antimicrobial is non toxic and can be fogged onto any surface. To add further protection, a long lasting antimicrobial can inhibit germs and viruses from spreading for up to 90 days.

How We Treat Your Home

Our technician will come in and do a germ evaluation. High touch areas will be tested in order to determine germ concentrations. Our technician will then set up a pure mist fogger into the middle of the room. This fogging system emits a dry fog that doesn’t get anything wet and it can be applied to any surface. The entire room will be fogged with an EPA safe chemical in order to completely wipe out all germs and viruses. After the initial cleanse, a long lasting antimicrobial will be fogged throughout the home in order to give a long lasting protective germ barrier. This invisible germ barrier actively kills germs for up to 90 days or 100 standard washes.

Are These Chemicals Harmful to My Home or Family?

All chemicals used by Resto Clean are non toxic and non leaching. They are perfectly safe for your family, and are EPA approved. All the chemicals we use are not harmful for your belongings. It won’t ruin paint or dye materials.

How Often Does My House Need to Be “Cleansed”?

We recommend having your home cleansed every time you want to avoid sickness. During flu season, every 2 to 3 weeks, and once a month during the rest of the year.

Is This Service Expensive?

No, it is very affordable. The dry fogging technique utilized by Resto Clean allows large areas to be quickly cleaned and protected. Call 208.899.4442 for pricing.


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