Crawlspace Drainage

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Certain areas in the Treasure Valley suffer from a high water table and poor draining soil. During the wet times of the year (rain, storm runoff, high levels of the Boise River, and irrigating farmers) can lead to water in your crawlspace. Standing water in your crawlspace can lead to high humidity, which can lead to mold. This can lead to structural damage and an unhealthy living environment. Resto Clean provides a whole crawlspace solution that we guarantee for 5 years. Crawlspace Drainage

Problems With Most Systems

  • Most drainage solutions can actually cause mold to grow. Water will sit in the sump basin, leading to mold growth.
  • Most drainage solutions actually raise the humidity in crawlspaces. This leads to mold growth
  • Most drainage solutions allow water to reach the surface, and then pump them out. This still leads to high humidity levels.

The Professional Solution

  • We install an air tight sump system. Our sump basins are completely sealed, and have a separate ventilation pipe that is piped out of the crawlspace.
  • We bury our entire system below the surface of your crawlspace. This prevents any water from even reaching the surface. The water is pumped out before it reaches the surface.
  • We install dehumidifiers with our systems. Our dehumidifiers manage the humidity levels in the crawlspace, creating a mold free environment.
  • We pull necessary City permits when installing our systems. We are certified to pull the permits.

Common Questions

Question: My crawlspace ground is wet, but there is no standing water? 

Answer: Some crawlspaces don’t provide adequate drainage, but aren’t wet enough to install a sump pump. We offer solutions to encapsulate your crawlspace and to manage the humidity.

Question: What humidity levels are safe for my crawlspace? 

Answer: Crawlspaces range from 40% to 50% relative humidity on average. Mold can grown when humidity levels reach >60%.

Question: My crawlspace has a musty odor coming from it. Is this caused by water? 

Answer: It’s possible, but you could just have an improper installed vapor barrier. Uncovered ground and improper ventilation can lead to you smelling the musty odor in your house.


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