Emergency Wind Damage Cleanup

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At Resto Clean, we pride ourselves on emergency response. Our Disaster Recovery teams are on call  24/7 to respond to any calls for storm or wind damage in 60 minutes or less. We will be onsite right away to assess the damage caused by wind, lightning, hail or damaging rains. From board ups to property protection we have the manpower needed to get your life back in order and get the property stable until the insurance adjuster gets there. We then work with your insurance adjuster to repair the wind damage, cut and carrying away debris, stabilize the structure of your home, and mend all structural and cosmetic harm. Some of the services we offer for wind damage in the Treasure Valley area.

We Offer

  • Immediate action to secure your property and help prevent further damage
  • Repair hail and roof damage and provide emergency water damage mitigation
  • Mobile emergency vehicles on-site with electrical generators, materials, tools and supplies
  • Inspection and evaluation to determine extent of damage
  • Board-up & security services to prevent theft, injury, or additional damage
  • Restore electric, natural gas, and heat if necessary
  • Temporary plumbing repairs, drain down to prevent freeze
  • Window glazing and replacement
  • Emergency tree removal (if necessary)
  • Remove debris and cleanup
  • Contents removal, storage and restoration
  • Transition to reconstruction

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