“The Slip Grip Process is a Technological Achievement”and our list of Slip Grip Commercial Clients has grown All Across the USA & Beyond Thanks to the  Safety Concerned Architects, Risk Mgrs, Fac: Engineers at Casino Resorts to Luxury Hotels with Stylish Polished Granite & Marble Floors, to Pool & Spa Travertine Decks, that need SG Pro Stone Long Life Sealeras well. Owners and Risk Managers No Longer Loose Sleep after having Certified Slip GripApplications done at their Facilities for Public Safety Due Diligence.
Trump Intl. Hotel
California Casinos
Hotels & Spas

A technological achievement brought about through years of research for safer chemical compounds that can be used without destroying the beauty of the glazed surfaces, yet still giving the longevity needed for commercial applications and be biodegradable safe. This advanced technology can now benefit your business and income by saving you money from frivolous lawsuits, which raise Liability Insurance and Workers Comp. Premiums each year due to employee and client injuries.

  • Useable Around Jacuzzis, Spas and Pools
  • Extra Security and Safety Awareness
  • Complete On-line Tech Support
  • User Friendly and Biodegradable

Enjoy Summer Fun In & Out of Your Pool this year & for years to come with
Slip Grip Tile n Stone Pool Safety Pro Stone Sealed Process

Travertine Stone Pool Deck Safety with Slip Grip Process and SG Pro Stone Friction Sealer
giving a Slip Grip Fail Safe Process with Slip Grip Tile n Stone Safe Cleaners / Degreasers to maintain

a clean and safe Pool Deck for years of Safe Summer Fun.

Protect your Corporate Assets with
 Slip Grip Floor Safety Products
& Certified Due Diligence Services.
Miami Travertine Pool Deck with 10-year + SG Pro Stone Friction Sealer + Slip Grip Process.
SG Starts Out Safe – The Wetter It Gets – The More the Grip – Slip Grip Floor Safety Products

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