Fire Damage Cleanup, Restoration and Repair


When your Treasure Valley home has been damaged or destroyed by fire, your first question is invariably “what now?” and regardless of the extent of your loss, there’s only one answer “Get it cleaned up and repaired as soon as possible.” Whether you’ve got only a touch of smoke damage or complete fire destruction, there’s no time to delay in making sure your home is once again safe for your family.

Because of the toxic chemical aftermath present in all fire ravaged structures, including bacteria and mold, it’s imperative that you immediately dispatch a qualified & trained fire damage restoration services response unit to begin the fire and smoke cleanup process. Resto Clean is the preferred choice of Treasure Valley residential and commercial property owners for fire damage restoration, smoke damage restoration, and soot & debris removal at their home or business. Our fire damage restoration Boise, Meridian, Nampa Idaho certified and licensed technicians are standing by.


After the structure has been secured the next step is to begin the fire damage cleanup to your home or business. This process can be overwhelming to owners. We can help with the content packing, content off site storage, content cleaning, content inventory, and honestly be a voice of reason in a seemingly chaotic situation. Our professional knowledge can help prepare you for the things to come, the overall process, and our services and how we can help you through this time. Once the contents have been removed to a safe facility to process, we can begin the process of fire damage clean up by removing all fire damaged debris and then begin the fire damage repair. Our certified fire damage restoration technicians are trained specifically in the restorative process or restoring your home. We will be there every step of the way to assist you in putting your life back together.
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At Resto Clean we’re trained to be prepared for the worst situations in home and business property fire and smoke damage, with 24-hour emergency response. We offer complete full-service construction build-back to pre-loss condition in all facets of structure restoration, featuring fire damage restoration and Emergency Board-Ups, complete mold abatement and remediation, Extreme Odor Control, Smoke Damage Cleanup, Smoke Odor Removal, Fire Clean Up, Tear Outs & Demolition, and Content Handling, including boxing and removing damaged content.

We’ll Handle Your Clean up and Smoke Odor Removal



We guarantee we’ll restore your home or business back to pre-loss condition no matter the cause, extent of damage, or time-lapse since the mishap. We know you have many choices when it comes to Boise fire restoration companies for your fire repairs. At Resto Clean, our expert restoration crews have got you fully covered from roofing, framing, drywall, and siding to even flooring and painting. Resto Clean prides themselves with a high customer communication during the entire process of the project.

Action Plan – What to do after a fire:

  1. Call Resto Clean as soon as possible!
  2. If necessary, contact your local disaster relief service to secure things like food, clothing, temporary housing, and other essential items.
  3. Don’t reenter the damaged area – it could be very dangerous!
  4. Don’t dispose of any items. Wait until a restoration expert inspects, documents, and itemizes those belongings. Many times our professionals can restore seemingly entirely destroyed items – including books, art, clothes, furniture, electronics, documents, and more.
  5. Notify the proper authorities if your home will be vacant. If so, also have all utilities shut off until further notice.
  6. Save all your receipts for purchases following the calamity. Chances are much of your expenses will be reimbursed by your insurance company.

What Should I do?

Keeps hands clean, soot on hands can further soil upholstery and other items

Place bags or towels on any traffic areas in home before walking

If power is off, empty contents from fridge and freezers and prop doors open

If power is off and it is below freezing make sure home is properly winterized.

Wash both sides of leaves and plants

What Should I NOT do?

Do not attempt to wash walls or any other painted surfaces

Do not shampoo or clean carpets or rugs

Do not clean or turn on electrical items that have been close to heat

Do not send clothes to dry cleaners unless instructed by a Resto Clean Professional

Some popular points of interest we provide services near include the Boise State University, Boise Art Museum, and Boise Airport

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