Cleaning Customer Testimonials

I had a large two piece off white sofa, which hadn't been cleaned for sometime. The folks at RestoClean worked until the sofa looked great, and it was a difficult job, they were professional and so very nice too! I would recommend this company to anyone who wants, fast, friendly service at a fair price.

Marlene F. - Meridian, ID

Efficient and professional work completed on my home. I had an outstanding experience and will will contact them again for all future household needs.

Mike G. - Caldwell, ID

Contractor came to residence within 2 hours after contact. Service completed in a professional manner. Highly recommend servicing dryer vents on a yearly basis after our experience

Dave R. - Eagle, ID

This guy was GREAT, fast, and worked with us in mind. I would highly recomend him. I recieved a great value and will use his service again without hesitation. Thank You

Rick B. - Boise, ID

Thank you so much for your quick response; I couldn't believe how fast you got here in the middle of the night. Thanks for the quality cleanup and repairs. I also appreciate how trustworthy you and your employees are. It's rare now days to come across honest people.


Chris M. - Cambridge, ID

Dear Adjuster,

I would highly recommend Resto Clean for disaster relief and carpet cleaning services. Technicians were very professional, timely and did a superb job. Work was very high quality and done with a great attitude and kindness.

Pat H. - Boise, ID

What Should I do?
Shut off source of water
Turn off power in wet area, if safe
Place foil or wood under furniture
Call Resto Clean


What Should I NOT do?
Do not enter room with standing water to avoid electrical shock
Do not leave books or magazines of floors (could cause staining)
Do not enter rooms where ceilings are sagging

What Should I do?
Keeps hands clean, soot on hands can further soil upholstery and other items
Place bags or towles on any traffic areas in home before walking
If power is off, empty contents from fridge and freezers and prop doors open
If power is off and it is below freezing make sure home is properly winterized.
Wash both sides of leaves and plants
Call Resto Clean


What Should I NOT do?
Do not attempt to wash walls or any other painted surfaces
Do not shampoo or clean carpets or rugs
Do not clean or turn on electrical items that have been close to heat
Do not send cloths to dry cleaners unless instructed by by a Resto Clean Professional

What Should I do?
Use a respirator when handling or cleaning moldy materials to protect yourself from inhaling airborne spores
Wear protective clothing that is easily cleaned or discarded
Use rubber gloves
Call Resto Clean


What Should I NOT do?
Never mix bleach with ammonia because this may produce toxic fumes
Do not use disinfectants instead of, or before, cleaning nonporous materials with soap or detergent
Never use a gasoline engine indoors (e.g., a water pump, pressure washer, or generator) as you could expose yourself and your family to toxic carbon monoxide
Do not use fans if mold has already started to  grow as this also could spread mold.

What Should I do?
Call your insurance agent
Take photos or video of the damage
Call Resto Clean